Saturday, 17 July 2010

Pow Wow and other happenings

Here I am at the end of another 3 week chunk of life, in my little lab offshore with 1089 photos and a great bucketful of memories to sort out. There was an evening class in Qigong and an informative talk on herbs at the Avebury moot, a couple of nights supporting one of Calnes lesser successful skittles team (with the inevitable results) and a barbecue in the company of a man who once abandoned George Martin to the pool playing company of Spandau Ballet (how callous), many cups of tea and the odd pint of 3Bs and much much more.

Perhaps the unique outing of the time off was a trip to Bush Farm Bison Centre with Kes and Mark. There was a Native American Pow Wow on there that weekend. Mark is very much on the Native American spirituality path and Kes is starting to wander off that way too. Me?, well I just wander all over the shop and take an interest in what ever is in front of me. There were some wonderful outfits and much enthusiastic dancing to the drum throughout the afternoon. This was punctuated by the occasional wander around to look at the bison – very large and due to some substantial fencing, it wasn’t them that had a Sandy burger that afternoon. They also had elk, rheas and something called guanaco, which looked a bit like llamas to me. No doubt they were all destined for the freezer in the store. The evening was finished off with a delightful session of flute music in a clearing with a lightning in the twilight.

The Pow Wow was unusual but if you want odd you need to hopi ear candles. I’m quite sure if I was to stick my ear candle pictures up here, I would earn myself a mighty clout when I arrived back in good old Wilts but look it up on You tube or imagine somebody with a candle (perhaps one that resembles a very large illegal cigarette more than a candle) in their ear and you’re pretty much there. I also notice at the same time much concern on the net regarding their safety but Kes seems pretty much unscaved and seems to hear a bit better.

Morning afterwards:
The days sampling completed and reported, yesterday’s lightning round up of  a week and a half in Wiltshire was finished just in time for tea – very nice it was too, Cajun fried steak the kitchen decided to call it. Then feet up for a quick call to Kes for a report on Friday night on dry land, an hour or so in the company of Annie Proulx, several cups of tea out of plastic mugs (pottery mugs are one pleasure of going home) and the early night demanded of a long line of 6 o’clock rises. I did try to squeeze a bit tune on the ships guitar in there but someone years ago located the music room next to the cinema, which was in use, and the two are mutually incompatible. I must go and work now – Have a good day all.


billy bagwash said...

bush farm looks like it may be worth a visit, and a pint of 3b's!, "now there's a blast from the past",
you must let me know the next time your about avebury so we can meet up at last,

Sandy's witterings said...

With something going on, i.e. the PowWow it certainly was worth the £6.50 for the day, but that's the same price as for when nothings happening as far as I can see - perhaps a bit steep for that.
I think the next thing at Avebury is on the 31st of this month but I'm going to miss that - bugger. No doubt Kes will be in her usual spot in the South if you happen to be passing.
Hopefully a pint of 3Bs will waft your way soon - after all, they do make it in Swindon

Sidhewolf said...

Hi darling
The ear candles are no longer pre-fixed 'Hopi' as the Hopi did and do not use or create them. What about posting some of the pics of the dancers?
Yes, I'll be at Avebury and maybe in the South. I'm the one wearing the long white cloak..oh, that right they all wear long white cloaks.
me x x x

Sandy's witterings said...

Dearest you, No dancing pics due to being very PC for a change but seems like I've blown it with the Hopi or not ear candles. Bugger it, I'll just take this opportunity to shout "ESKIMO" at the top of my voice. xxxx