Monday, 11 October 2010

Travelling Phone Snaps

Here I am back on dry land and the weather is glorious for the time of year, so yesterday I thought I would go for a wander but that's not this blog - it takes a while to haul the photos of the old instamatic and onto this old pedal power computer. In the mean time here's a little trio of phone pictures grabbed while on the way home from work.

Seems that Donald Trump was in Aberdeen last week for a round of golf and to continue to split local opinions. He parked his aeroplane right next to Bond Helicopters corner of the airport. I shall be looking for him in the Guinness book of Records under carbon footprint.

Popped into Aberdeen art gallery to see what's going on there - after a cup of tea naturally - and discovered that the Lewis Chess Pieces have arrived there. I have seen them in London but they were much better spaced out in Aberdeen. If you ever get a chance to see them do so - there's some delightful Celtic carving round the back of some of them (you only ever see the fronts in pictures). Being Aberdeen art gallery they were well watched so I couldn't get any pictures of them but, with another exhibition on just now celebrating 125 years of the gallery, it seems the staff have spread themselves to thin so I grabbed a quick snap of Jacob Epstein's Girl with Gardinias (you're an attentive bunch so you will remember his statue, The Visitation, from Glenkiln a few blogs ago)

I went to see Made in Dagenham at the pictures in the evening. It's about the 1968 Ford sewing machinest strike and is thoroughly good.

I had a short but pleasant visit to Dunoon on the way home to visit the kids and spotted this battleship from the ferry on the way back. By gum it was fairly nipping along. Let's hope it's not off anywhere serious.


Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Pedal power computer? lol ;) Obviously I'm not pedalling hard enough on my pedal power connection! It is very slow tonight!...nothing new there then. I trust you found the lady in that photo very pleasing to your eyeballs? lol and that battleship was very cool against the backdrop of sea and sun... :)

Sandy's witterings said...

My eyeballs have no complaints with the lady - being made of bronze does slow down the aging process. I think it would have looked good in the marble floored hall of my mansion if it had been me that had scooped this weeks £112 million, unfortunately it wasn't and she'd get in the road badly in my garret so she'll just have to stay in Aberdeen art gallery.

Leone (sree) said...

That navy ship against the backdrop of sun looks good :) Nice capture

Rocket Man said...

Ever since I let Donnie paint his name on my jet he acts like he owns it! Next time you see it you have my permission to wander aboard and help yourself to anything that strikes your fancy.

Sandy's witterings said...

Thanks Leone, glad you liked it. You have to take what you get when you point you phone for a picture.

Great Chip, the next time I see it, I'll pop across for half an hour in the big chair - I'll bet it's the kind that has cold beers in the arm rests.