Thursday, 17 February 2011

A word about cheese

Quite some blogs ago I considered the frequency of certain commodities appearing in this blog, these being, tea, beer, cakes and pies. One of these, pies, is hardly important in the large scheme of things. Looking back it should be replaced by cheese, wonderful stuff and when I was in Newtown last, I picked up two rather good lumps from the local cheese stall in the market hall.

Lovely shropshire blue - if you're careful, you can just about spread it on a piece of toast, all be it rather thickly but what's wrong with thickly. Shropshire blue cheese was invented in the 1970s but Mr Andy Williamson from Inverness. Not strong on geography but if you've got a piece in your pocket and stop for too long in a shop (for example Newtown's record shop) you soon get indications that it might be a good idea to hurry it along to a fridge.

When I was down  in Newtown last year I bought a piece of local cheese made with horseradish sauce from the same stall. They didn't have any this time but instead I bought another piece from the same company (whose name I didn't note) made with mustard seeds. When I finally got to try a bit, I found it was also quite high in horseradishness - quite delicious.

Giz - Newtown's famous cheese inspector.

Goodness knows who Clifton Fadiman is but he said,"Cheese - milk's leap towards immortality."


Light-In-A-Box said...

MMMMmmmmm Cheese! I can't honestly say I have any desire for any type of blue cheese, but the one with horseradish I'd give it a try! The Wife & mine favorites are Jalapeno Havarti, Brie, Camembert, MmMmmm cheese... Hmmm.. strange I have a craving for cheese now..

Shundo said...

Two great quotes in there: "rather thickly but what's wrong with thickly", to which the answer is of course nothing. And that final quote is a gem too, thanks for digging that one up.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Fine looking canine

Crafty Green Poet said...

horseradish cheese? Gosh I might need to try that!

Denise said...

Absolutely love a good wedge of cheese. We've been buying the imported Dubliner cheese for a long time, and hope one day to see those you've put on here. I expect your adorable canine cheese inspector loves cheese?

Thanks for visiting my post a little while ago. America has some excellent beers but we always seem to go back to our favorite, which is Newcastle Ale. Nowadays we get a very good selection of imported beers from Great Britain.

Sandy's witterings said...

Michael, sounds like Calgary has a pretty good cheese supply. I've tried cheeses with peppers before and it's not quite me, so not so sure how I'd like the Jalapeno. Blue cheese is an aquired taste but once you've got it...

Shundo, once you take it out of the context "rather thickly but what's wrong with thickly" could just as well apply to the workings of my brain (especially in the morning)

Juliet, I know Edinburgh has a few decent cheese shops, so if you can't find horseradish cheese there then you'll not get it in Scotland at all.

Laoch and Denise - Giz is indeed a fine dog but is Bev's rather than mine - I just arrive every few months for clapping duties. Other peoples dogs rather than my own - that best for me.