Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dumfries Folk 'n' Ale festival

At the very beginning of my time off a few weeks ago, there was a folk music and ale festival in Dumfries entitled Folk 'n' Ale (does pretty much what it says on the tin). I don't take very good pictures in pubs I'm afraid, so my apologies poor light and in many cases, down right out of focus. I have Ronnie Galloway to thank for some of these photos - the decent ones and certainly those with me in them.

The first night was in the Tam O' Shanter for a session led by John and Rhona Carson

Gus Hendrix plays the mandolin behind his head.

See! I don't drink beer and take pictures all the time. Caught having a tune.

What sort of an ale festival wouldn't have any ale.

One of Ronnie's pictures of the session in the back room of The Ship - I popped in  here for an hour or so after the session in the Tam O'Shanter.

Festival accommodation - very wet on the outside but thankfully dry on the inside. Camping didn't prove very popular here - this is it. A third tent turned up for the second night.

On Saturday afternoon there was music on the High Street. Nicola Black was up first for a few tunes (helped out by base player Blackie (is that right?)). You can listen to a few tunes by Nicola here

The gentlemen of Galloway Folk (minus one) await their turn 

The gentleman of Galloway Folk having their turn. You can find them here .

After Galloway folk had had their tunes, I wandered off to Tam O'Shanter for an afternoon session. On the way I passed Alec, my campsite neighbour, who was trying his hand at the busking competition.

We must have been doing something right in the Tam O'Shanter as they brought us a free beer.

I had a pint of this later on - quite frankly, not good - watery even. Is first pint out of the barrel a reason - I don't know. Two of the other beers in this blog were Broughton ales from the same pub and they were lovely so I'll give the bar the benefit of the doubt.

I popped into this session in the Globe - Robert Burn's favorite haunt when he lived in Dumfries. I was just listening - I know my limits. It's just a wee wood lined room and filled to the gunnels with players - quite a sound, I can say.

Well done to the Globe for selling me cups of tea - it was really just what I needed (I'm just a lightweight on the beer front and don't really go in for drinking all day)

Last session of the weekend in the Caven Arms

My father and Gus do battle on the fiddle.

An honourable draw, as you might expect.


Janie2 said...

Isn't that you in the 3rd photo with the guitar? Jamming with the group. What a great time it looks for all. What would a gathering be without beer...nice post.

Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like a great folk gathering!

Sandy said...

A Fechan Ale at the Folk 'n' Ale Festival sounds feckin good......

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I've got a feeling you'd feel right at home here. This area was heavily settled by Scots Irish a couple of centuries back and Dumfries is a common name in these parts.:

If the Lord's a willin' and the creek don't rise we're planning to attend on Frankie's next days off, Wednesday and Thursday.

Light-In-A-Box said...

The photos look fine, indoor photography is always a challange!

The hendrix fellow, Jimmy would be proud!

Thats great, your father still jamming away, like father like son!

Have a good week Sandy!

Sandy's witterings said...

Janie - certainly is me 3rd in and second last. We've had a few beer free gatherings to from time to time (but not often)

Juliet - twas great. Sessions if this type are surprisingly common down our way (not uncommon in edinburgh either) - they're just not normally so packed together.

Sandy - I'm sure Father Jack would approve.

Chip, That looks like a grand ol' week of tunes, you haven't got an old fiddle to dust down and a bow to rosin over there have you?

Thanks Michael - I'm passing the credit for the decent shots onto somebody else this time round.