Sunday, 7 July 2013

New blog and supporting our man

You might have noticed stained glass windows make a fairly regular appearance on this blog. Not half as regular as they do in my piles of photos that I take. If I was to blog them all there would be a distinct imbalance in the content here. With that in mind, I've started a new blog, simply called Windows, where I can post it without worrying to much about overdoing the fancy glazing. That doesn't mean that there won't be any more here, the next blog after this (Dunblane Cathedral) should have a few, and there will likely be plenty links between here and there.

I should post some of my Dunblane photos today because one of their local boys is having a big day today. It is, of course, Andy Murray (I'm sure his web page is busy enough today) who is playing this afternoon in the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic (his web page will be equally busy but I'm sure I can't make out a word of it).

Here's Andy's gold letterbox. The Post Office painted one in the hometown of every person who one a gold medal at the Olympics last year.

The local museum have a case full of Andy Murray memorabilia - perhaps they should get a bigger one.

A large number of the shops in Dunblane have tennis related themes going on in their windows. Just a few simple tennis balls in the butchers window (unless somebody can see where pies fit into it all)

The local laundry's banner is straight to the point.

Bennetts the butchers (of the pie filled window earlier) have been getting inventive in the kitchen for the occasion.

I paid their Facebook page a visit to see if I could find out just what they were trying to sell (the less said about the guess the knee competition the better probably). Here's a pile of Wimbledon Sausages - pork sausages with sweet chilli and strawberries - sounds interesting to me. Unfortunately it's nearly two weeks before I'll have access to a frying pan and I don't live close enough anyway or you'd certainly have a report on these. Anyone nearby want to pop in and trial them for me??

Here's one of their saltire burgers. Pork and tomato wrapped in a couple of bits of bacon - sounds good too.

Finally, here's a small knitted Andy. Best of luck to the real Andy down in SW19

Late News - Hurray!! The lad's done it. Well done Andy.


Shundo said...

I did miss getting to settle down on the sofa to watch some tennis with my tea biscuits, as in years past. I am sure my mum will tell me all about it - though she has never been a Murray fan, muttering that he is 'too American', by which she probably means he is not like that nice Tim Henman...

Anonymous said...

Yes... Well done Murray.

Ellie said...

Hi Sandy,
That was some game on Sunday - I watched it all and the boy did good.
I've driven past Dunblane plenty of times but never actually visited there. I'm liking the look of those sausages and also the saltire burger.

Sandy's witterings said...

Shundo, I feel sorry for than nice Mr Henman - he was only our best tennis player in 70 years before Andy Murray came along, but not good enough it seems - good to know he's at least got your mum's support (he really does come over as the sort of chap you could safely let in for a cup of tea and piece of cake). I saw quite a bit of tennis this year (for me that is i.e. a couple of matches) but only bits of the final (such is the nature of employment)

Poppy, Indeed - didn't he do well :)

Ellie - you know, if I'd really been on the ball, I could have bought some there and then and fried them up for my tea (I had my camping stuff in the car with me) but it's taken me a week to realise this (this puts me on a par with the brain power of your standard brontasaurus)

billy bagwash said...

Cant agree more that was well over due for Murray and a job well done I even watched it live, think we all knew it was going to be, did like the look and sound of those sausages will have to have words with Andrew our local butcher, what that man cant do with sausages isn’t worth doing (without the fear of sounding too pervy) as for the burgers will try them out on the inmates (Poppy and Charlie) they do sound rather nice keep up the good work sandy.

All the best,,,,, the bagwash’s

Sandy's witterings said...

Billy, If your local butcher can be persuaded strawberry sausages, it'll go on my list of things to do while at Avebury - not in the circle itself of course, I'm sure Terry would have words to say if he caught me having a barby on one of the stones.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Hi, just a quick hello and follow. Can't comment on your post yet as I've no time to read atm, off out, but it looks a fascinating read so I'll be back this evening to have a good look. Suzy

Sandy's witterings said...

Hello and welcome Suzy