Friday, 6 September 2013

George and the Green Man - A Tale of Two Pubs

It's not all fun and games on World tour, sometimes I had to go to the pub.

I had been to The George Inn in Lacock before but it had two things to attract me back. One was their curious dog wheel and the other was a pint of Wadsworth JCB, which was so good that in my mind it has taken on legendary status - it must have gone the way of all things for on the net I can find no mention of it. The pub dates back to around 1361 and has quite a selection of old timbers visible inside in it's construction. A chap with a set square could be a long time looking for a corner it fitted.

This is their famous dog wheel which when turned would turn the spit in front of the fire. A special type of dog was bred for the purpose called the turnspit dog (other names for it include the rather wonderful, vernepator cur) which is now extinct. They would have been kept in pairs so that when one dog was tiring, he could be replaced with the other.

Here's the fireplace, complete with dog powered spit. there would have been a chain of some description to power it.

You can probably tell by the daylight in this picture that this would not have been an appropriate time to drink a pint of each of their extensive range of real ales, but like the George and Dragon in Dent last year, they will sell you three thirds of a pint of different beers instead of a whole pint of one. It is complete coincidence that the beers I chose were right next to each other but it does make for easy photographing. All three beers were most enjoyable, though I think a third of a pint of the Hazelnut Coffee Porter was probably quite sufficient.

I had a kangaroo burger - it was alright but the chips were great.

Wadsworth Brewery are great people for tradition. They still have a cooper, a couple of dray horses (which can often be seen in Devizes) and their own sign painting department, which means that every Wadsworth pub has it's own hand painted sign.

The following evening I was looking for a campsite and low and behold the first one I found was attached to a pub - decision made I think. This is The Green Man in Long Itchington, where the landpeople, Mark and Sharon, made me most welcome.

Being stopped for the night and within easy staggering distance of my tent, I was able to put a little more effort into testing out their fine range of ale, ably poured by fledgling barman, Ben.

These pictures are from my phone, which might take pictures but I'm damned if I can get it to send them to anyone.  First pint of the night was a Cornish beer called Tribute - I think my favourite of the evening - I returned for another later.

Mad Goose is local to Warwickshire (which is where Long Itchington is). I succumbed to a second of these too.

You can't go far wrong with that old Yorkshire favourite, Black Sheep.

They had a great Green man on their pub sign.

And a different Green Man on the other side of it.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

When you get that phone working you can send me a pint any time.

Sandy's witterings said...

John, what was I thinking, buying a phone that couldn't send a beer. I wasnt one of those little gadgets Captain Kirk and his pals have - I reckon they'd manage the whole barrel.

billy bagwash said...

it’s so good to see you chemist/scientist types always striving to improve the life of mankind as your latest research shows, “but any bloody numpty could have told you after that much beer you can't send pictures on a smartphone”

ps,, nice place lacock (did you get to the abby)

billy bagwash said...
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The Glebe Blog said...

Middle England has a great tradition of brewing ales. Whenever I'm visiting in Cheltenham, I'm amazed at the variety of tipple on offer.
While based in Worcester during my time with HM Forces I got a taste for Weston's Scrumpy.
t's a tough job going into pubs Sandy, but someone has to do it.

Sandy's witterings said...

Billy, I did get to the Abbey, it'll appear here some other time - there's a surprising amount to see there, it might appear twice.

There's nothing smart about my phone - it's got a very low IQ as these things go.

Jim, it is a tough life but at least the tent was easy staggering distance.