Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Portpatrick folk festival - Part 2

I arrived to find the village rather lacking in recognised faces. This was down to a communication error and I was in the wrong place, all be it at the right time, for Johnny and Rhona's year and a day handfasting. But I stood tight and they all arrived soon enough at the Waterfront for an outside session and a feast of roasted pig - lovely.

Following that most of the rest of the afternoon I spent in the Mount Stuart for a mostly singing sessions with a load of folk I don't know .

Except for Chuffy that is - I've played many a session with him.

Before the concert in the evening, an hour or so spent back at the Waterfront for a few songs with the Luce Women (it's what they call themselves) and other folk, mainly from the Stranraer folk club (who's names I should know as I've met them several times, but I don't (sorry chaps))

My trip to Portpatrick wouldn't be complete without a rendition of the Pirate Song


Light-In-A-Box said...

Sandy! This looks like good times were to be had! I feel almost like I have missed out on something...
We need more festivals here in the big city, our concrete paradise seems to be lacking in the get together & jam time!
Michael :-)

Sandy's witterings said...

This is a once a year thing, Michael, but I could go to umpteen of these things a year if I had a set of wheels and some of them are not so far away. I'm surprised Calgary doesn't have a folk scene where you could get a tune. Apart from festivals we have pretty regular sessions in the pub - there was one last night (rather disappointing - a bit of a rabble)

Derek Beattie said...

Tis a sma world, recognize one of the geezers here who is known to have the odd jamming session in the world famous Craiglaw Arms in Kirkcowan !

Nice set of pics, really captures the atmoshpere

Sandy's witterings said...

Galloways a small enough county anyway and a large number of the local folkies were at Portpatrick that weekend - it wouldn't surprise me if your Kirkcowan member turned up.

Being a Cowan myself, I must have a look at Kirkcowan some time.