Monday, 21 March 2011

Buchanan Street Buskers

I often pass through Glasgow. For all I never plan to go there, it seems to be the hub of all my travels and many an hour is spent wandering through it's streets between buses and trains. So a few Saturdays ago (the 5th of march to be precise) I wandered the length of Buchanan Street in order to kill a little time. To me the busking population appeared particularly high that day. As soon as one sound had faded out another had faded in. Often they were just to near each other with cacophonous effects. So here, I think, is a complete role call of the street's buskers and their kin for the moment I passed by.

At the top of the street on the Concert Hall steps were collected 100 women singing and playing drums in celebration of the 100th International Womans' Day. They went by the collective name of Humdrum and by the time I arrived, they had almost finished.

Humdrum were loud - so much so that this piper had to stop and wait for them to finish. His mates drum was never going to be any real competition for the dozens of colourful and, more to the point, larger affairs pictured above.

A little noise didn't cause any problems for this chap and his football.

For a small contribution, this jolly drummer will sing about you until you are out of sight or somebody else gives him a pound.

Perhaps since busking implies some financial recompense, this young lady does not come into the category but she was providing a useful service to the community so should appear here.

This lot were called Caledonia (a name so undestinctive hereabouts that I have been unable to confirm my memory with the internet). As loud as they look and flogging CDs too, should you wish to bring the sound into your living room.

Living statues are a bit old hat now - nobody is going to be surprised by one unless they've just been released from a very long prison sentence. I'm ready to get rid of them and have Peruvian pan pipe bands back.

This chap and his Reggae tunes is out on the street almost every day. I'm surprised the council don't charge him rent for that particular slot.

I missed this lot but that's a lot of speakers for buskers - I'll bet they were loud too.

A pair of balloon sellers.

Nearly at the bottom of the street and away from the prime busking slots it would seem, this fellow wasn't nearly loud enough ........ be heard over the sounds of this chap bashing out Shadows hits.


Shundo said...

A shame we couldn't have sound clips of all the competing cacophony - I can't imagine how loud you would have to be to drown out the pipers. And quite right about the living statues...

Light-In-A-Box said...

Wow! I've never seen so many buskers, musicians, singers in one general area! The free hugs is something you don't see everyday...

Janie2 said...

I enjoyed this post so much! Nothing better than a bunch of musicians, especially the drums and pipes. Your photos are so full of life, thanks for a great post.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Looks boisterous.

The Glebe Blog said...

I think that the young lady giving out the free hugs has an ulterior motive 'sign the petition please'.

Saving Otago Lane from high rise buildings may well be a good cause.I know very little of the details,but an oasis in a desert of concrete must be a good thing.

Sandy's witterings said...

Thank you folks.

Jim, I must have taken the Free Hugger by surprise for she forgot to get me with her Otago Lane petition.

Aha - no wonder I can't find Caledonia on the net - they're really called Clanadonia (subtle puns don't work so well when shouted on a noisey street). Anyway I found a clip of them on Youtube and another 2 of the buskers playing here. for a true idea of the racket, try playing all 3 clips at the same time.

Becky said...

Amazing what folks will do to get their music out there. I love it. I wonder if any of them were in Barcelona last summer.