Saturday, 12 March 2011

A stroll to Loopy Lorna's

Last weekend was a busy old weekend - it finished on Wednesday. On the Friday night, I went to see Ivan Drever who was playing at the school and will get some blog attention in a few days time, on Saturday and Sunday I was in Dunoon visiting my kids and on Monday it was off to Edinburgh. There's not that many photos in this blog as I was a bit laden with backpack and guitar. I was starving by the time I went into Henderson's cafe under St John Church on Princes Street so my slice of quiche and two mystery salads were gone before I thought to take a picture of them - they were very nice anyway, whatever they were.

After a quick phone call to Mr McK, my chum from auld lang syne, we arranged to meet for drinkies (that's tea and hot chocolate - he did have the young McKs with him after all) at Loopy Lorna's tea house at the bottom of Morningside Road. The day being fine and the arranged time being sufficiently far away, I decided to wander round rather than my original plan of jumping on a No16 bus. Here's some of the few snaps I did take.

The SAS supplement army budgets by doing a little painting and decorating.

This chap was tightrope walking on the Bruntfield links (as you do). It should be noted that that his teeshirted state should not be taken as an indication of the weather - it might have been nice for the time of year but not that nice.

You can't have forgotten already about the recent reappearance of Marmite Chocolate , so when I passed the Chocolate Tree shop in Bruntsfield, I felt I really should go in and get some Marmite Chocolates myself. I was informed by the shop staff that they are made locally by their chocolate magicians in Haddington or was it Musselburgh (I can't quite remember now).

Seems my wanderings were timed pretty well as I arrived at Loopy Lorna's tearoom with just enough time to study their extensive tea menu before David and the kids arrived. I've never seen such a descriptive menu for tea in my life. Below is an excerpt from the menu for the Earl Grey I decided to go for. I may drink gallons of the stuff but I'm not really an expert so all I can say about it is that it was very good. It's blended to the shops specifications by a man named Alex in Glasgow.

Lump sugar on the table is irresistible to kids - so too to their father it would seem. I liked the tongs.

When the pot of tea arrived (this is a small pot) it was complete with tea cosy.Different tables had different cosies - I had to use full restraint not to go snapping at other peoples pots of tea. For you purists, there's no teabags here - a teastrainer is provided to all drinkers.

After our cuppas it was back to David's for tea and an evening of playing tunes on the fiddle and guitar round an open fire with a glass or twoish of red wine. Actually it was two evenings of tunes round the fire at Castle McK and plenty of time during the day for wanderings with another old school friend, Mrs W, but that's another blog (lots of them).

Brilliant Carbonara Cy.


Laoch of Chicago said...

These pictures sure do make it look bizarrely warm there for this time of the year.

Shundo said...

I like the sound of the chocolate tree, and was thinking, if only chocolate grew on trees, but then it does in a way, doesn't it?

Sandy's witterings said...

Laoch, it's all these people in tee shirts and the blue sky - I can assure you I had a jersey and a jacket on.

Shundo, I like the idea of chocolate trees to but then we'd all be quite a ot fatter i would imagine. Apparently the cocoa bean takes a fair old bit of processing before it becomes edible.