Sunday, 29 August 2010

Big Art for Kirkcudbright - the 1st 3 days

Friday saw the start of the first sculpture symposium in a Scottish town which has been titled Big art for Kircudbright. I'm not going to type very much here, just whisk through the sculptors in town and have a wee look at  what they've got as a starting lump of stuff (which for most of them is local red sandstone) and what they've done with it so far.

Away from the main crowd down by the art shop opposite the bus stop is Peter Dowden who has the piece of stone on the left there. He's going to be making that into a head which will fit together with another head made of granite which was going to be made by Dmitri Broe from Pont Aven. Dmitri, unfortunately broke his arm last week so Peter is going to be making both heads. Below is his progress so far and also some posts he has made for the town previously and will be erected as soon as the planning permission happens.

The other change to the plan is Linda Watson who replace Marina Weir.

Tom Allan

Mike Cairncross

By deduction, because I haven't actually seen him myself yet, the following piece of rock must belong to Nils Hansen - somebody's certainly been at it.

Andy Breen is working on a mighty log of elm away from everyone else in the gardens of Greengate. He says the power tools of the stone carvers make it impossible for him to work. He appeared in this blog a few weeks ago in the arts and crafts trail, carving an apple. He also made a really fast start and was this far through before I found him on the first day.

He says he's carving William Marshall - a very long lived King of the Gypsys from times gone past (who could be a blog in himself)

More information on the sculptors as the week passes and I find it out. In the mean time, here's Tom Allan taking advantage of the local electricity supply.

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