Sunday, 1 August 2010

Kirkcudbright Arts and Craft Trail.

I arrived back here in Kirkcudbright, after what seemed like an awfully long time away, to discover I've just managed to catch the last day of the Arts and Crafts Trail. Once a year several art studios open up to the public along with various peoples gardens and crafts types come out of their burrows during daylight hours in an effort to persuade the public that they're not bonkers after all. Had I ventured out this afternoon with more than two slices of toast for the days nutrition, I might still be out there legging about the town admiring the notions that have escaped from peoples heads, but I didn't. To avoid fainting over the keyboard, I am tucking into the chilli con carne that I should have eaten last night, as I type.

Anyway, I've got a big pile of pictures here so I'd better get on with it. On the left is one of the closes that lead off the High Street that you don't normally get to go down - must be delightfully peaceful places to stay.

This is Kirkcudbright's answer to Travey Emin's Unmade Bed.

It seems the chainsaw is the tool of choice of the sculptor these days.

The house of E.H.Hornel usually charges to get in but for today's events it was free as some of the artists were occupying Hornel's studio. I like the unfinished pictures that are here. Maybe they're unfinished because he popped his clogs before he had a chance to finish them or maybe he thought they were rubbish and stuffed them away somewhere, in which case he'll be mortified they're out on display ( or whatever the version of mortified is for a person who is already many decades mortified)

Belted galloway rats.

Ok, let's try again with a little more time on the timer

Now there's a picture


billy bagwash said...

what surreal photo's, liked the second from last "is that a rare glimps of the wildman of kirkcudbright" bet he draw's a crowd when nessy's not about,

Sandy's witterings said...

Somebodies got to draw the crowds Billy - Nessy got rather used to the Lochs and never quite got to grips with the tidal disposition of the river here and was often to be seen floundering about in the mud at low tide. Not good for maintaining your mythical status where people should only be catching a fleeting glimpse of you before you disappear back into the depths.

Anonymous said...

Only just discovered this blog and some great pictures of The Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail I hope you and others can get on this years 8th Trail fact I suspect there is a talent you have that could add to it ... Music somewhere perhaps ? we welcome all comers

Sandy's witterings said...

Hi Anonymous (though I suspect you're not too far away). I certainly hope to be about during this years Arts and Crafts trail - it makes for an absolutely excellent afternoon wandering about peoples studios and exhibitions in their living rooms.