Sunday, 15 August 2010

Finding Hanks - A madman and a string ensemble

 Actually this particular London adventure didn’t quite end at Hank’s as train time was still a bit away but my feet were complaining a bit and Covent garden was close by which usually offer much stationary entertainment as well as tea purchasing opportunities.

Hey mate! I don’t think that ladder’s secured properly.

Ooh, he’s got a knife.

It was about this time that he took off his kilt – who’s to complain to a man carrying so many knifes.

At least he wasn’t a true Scotsman.

The Very entertaining ZHL String Ensemble.

In fact they were just about too entertaining as I cut it rather fine getting back to Paddington especially since the lifts at Covent garden tubes were not working correctly. I decided to go down the stairs instead – I’ve never seen so many stairs they seemed to be never ending – I have quite some admiration for the people going up the stairs, I’m sure one of them was Jules Verne.

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