Sunday, 29 August 2010

Duck racing.

It's duck racing time again in Kirkcudbright and today there a packed card with two races on it.

The big race of the day is the corporate event where the owners of the ducks get to take them away and give them some intense training but most seem to settle for a bit of a paint job or stick a few feathers or lace on the ducks.

You can bet on the corporate race. My pound (literally £1) went on No 2, Suducko.

But first the first race where you can buy a duck for £2.50. Keep you eyes peeled for number 517, that's mine.

They're under starters order...

And they're off....          (sorry about the focus, it was a long way away)

I can't quite make out who's making the early break away here.... come on 517!

The fields broken up a bit heading for the finishing line.... 517!!!!!!


Collecting the winner.

Darn nabbit - some duck in the 300s won!

The crowd go wild(ish)

Suducko didn't win his/her race either.

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